GOOD BETTER BEST WINES, A No-Nonsense Guide to Popular Wines

Bestseller in Canada and the USA, available internationally.

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When it comes to wine, your "wants" are pretty simple: a good wine, at a price you can afford, that's stocked at your local wine shop or supermarket. Good Better Best Wines gives you just that. It reveals in plain English, the good, better, and best wines available for the dollars you're willing to spend--up to $15--along with photos of clearly labeled bottles to make wine shopping easier.

And because Good Better Best Wines is the first book to rank the best-selling wines in North America—think names like Beringer, Kendall-Jackson, and Woodbridge—you bet they’ll be stocked at your local store.

Inside you’ll find:

  • The good, better, and best big-name wines under $5, $8, $11, and $15 for each major grape variety
  • Perfect party wines for specific occasions—weddings, dinners, backyard barbecues, and more
  • Trade secrets for getting the most out of each wine, including storage, serving techniques, and food pairings.

April 2010, $12.95

ISBN: 978-1-59257-977-8

Alpha Books/Penguin USA


1000 Best Wine Secrets, Sourcebooks, Inc., paperback, 432 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1402208089

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This bestseller contains all the information novice wine drinkers and experienced connoisseurs alike need to feel comfortable in any restaurant, home or vineyard. It includes such tips as:

  • Secrets of buying great wine
  • Detecting faulty wine and sending it back
  • Serving wine like a pro
  • Wine tips from around the globe—from Argentina to France and Spain to California
  • Knowing when to drink wine